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Hello, I'm Maryam

The therapy that I offer is a unique professional relationship that gives you the opportunity to focus, not just on your concerns but on who you are. Its purpose is to help you steadily recover your strengths to process and gain control over what is going on in your life or your mind. The work is at your pace and without interruption or pressure or judgment.

My relationship with you is also designed to strengthen rather than replace the relationships that matter to you in your life.

Life's complexities are what make us human. You do not have to be an experienced client or distressed or disturbed to benefit from counselling / psychotherapy. But if you are having a hard time, together we can turn your life around.

Here are some of the issues that people talk to me about:

  • Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Fear, Anger, Frustration, Over-thinking, Loneliness, Confusion, Shame, Guilt,
  • Relationships, Friendships, Family, Loss, Grief, Abandonment,
  • Personal Growth, Spirituality, Faith, Global Issues, Meaning of Life, Identity, Transitions, Self Esteem,
  • Race, Age, Culture, Art, Work, Neuro-Diversity, Gender Diversity, Sexual Diversity,
  • Conflicted Emotions or Desires or Behaviours, Obsessive / Compulsive Thoughts or Behaviours,
  • Trauma, Bullying, Sexual Abuse, Physical or Emotional Abuse, Difficult Memories,
  • Suicide / Death of a Loved One, Dark Thoughts, Suicidal Thoughts,
  • Dealing with a Mental or Medical or Neurological Diagnosis, Ability, Health, Pain, Dying.

I support you to think, feel and work things through. My approach is not just informed - information can be helpful but has its limits. I draw heavily on decades of experience and am therefore collaborative, gentle, down to earth and respectful. Sessions are as dynamic or relaxed as your personality allows them to be.

I assist you to regain or cultivate a life that is meaningful and in your control.​​​​​​

For more information please go to Frequently Asked Questions.

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"Maryam is very calm, kind and respectful. She has a lovely way of listening -- patiently giving the client her full attention and all the time they need to think and speak. She then shows that she heard and respects what they said, before gently asking a follow-up question. Even distressing discussions become easier with Maryam's deep compassion and the sense of calm and safety that she creates. I might feel tired after our sessions but I always feel calm and even positive."
Katie M, London
E: "Your combination of really listening, caring and gentle challenge really helped us see our relationship with fresh eyes and helped us continue to invest in 'us'! "
S: "...it really dawned on us as we left how much you helped us through some really tricky times and very subtly had a big presence in helping us."
Maryam helped me through a very difficult chapter in my life. When I started working with her I was very confused; in my personal life I was suspicious, despondent and full of doubt. Things often felt hopeless. After 18 months of working together, I discovered aspects of my personality that gave me confidence and hope - it was actually quite exciting! She helped me see things from a different point of view which was incredibly empowering. Maryam creates a counselling environment that is safe and reassuring. I actually miss my sessions!
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Susan Halls