The therapy I offer has been matured over three decades and is therefore respectful, gentle and exploratory, and normally open-ended. The length of time we have together depends on your personality, pace, circumstances and what you need. We periodically review our tailor-made work as we progress through the sessions.

I practise as an Integrative Psychotherapist and my work is informed by Psychodynamic and Systemic approaches.

PSYCHODYNAMIC APPROACH, photo: markus spiske

The Psychodynamic model helps me keep in mind that:

  • Trust is crucial for therapy to be helpful, and it’s my job as the therapist to facilitate the right trusting conditions.

  • Childhood experiences are powerful and affect us in ways we don’t always understand or even notice.

  • Our capacity for surviving intolerable situations is so great that at times it can interfere with our capacity to relax and enjoy life.

  • Emotional interactions between you and me can unearth some powerful childhood experiences. Making sense of them is an important part of the therapy process.

  • Having a better understanding of our lived experiences and developing a more trusting relationship with ourselves can enhance our wellbeing.

SYSTEMIC, photo: shane rounce

The Systemic model helps me keep in mind that:

  • Everyone deserves respect.

  • There’s a context to everything.

  • There are many ways of looking at the same issue.

  • We need meaning and connection in our lives.

  • We are not islands and do affect each other.

  • Making sense of our roles in relationships can accelerate our wellbeing.


Qualifications, approaches and experience of a therapist mean nothing without your motivation to engage with therapy and commitment to follow it through.

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