Couple Counselling / Psychotherapy


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Act before your relationship reaches breaking point

Couple therapy is a powerful investment - it is not a magic wand

It's glorious when we are in love and our love is reciprocated; we understand each other perfectly; we find our differences stimulating and exciting; we enjoy our common dreams and goals.

Then life happens: we feel disorientated, sad, angry, lost, lonely, misunderstood, pressured, confused, exhausted, ill. Stress kicks in and before we know it, the same things that we once found attractive in our beloved now irritate or alienate us. The more we try to get our relationship back on track the harder it gets.

Relationships need ongoing maintenance to thrive, and need closure when they end. Couple counselling / psychotherapy can help us get a clearer picture, find the right tools and learn how to work with them.


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