Fees and Appointments

Investing in therapy should not be measured by cost, but by value.

Budgeting is important if you decide to embark on regular therapy sessions. It is an investment for a life-long return.

Once you have decided on regular sessions, setting up a standing order helps to pay on time and you can also cancel your payments at any time.

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For clients who approach me directly, payment is requested at least 48 hours in advance, by bank transfer (please ask for bank details), in cash or by Paypal (paying by Paypal includes the full fee plus £2.00 business charge).

You will be notified at least two months in advance of any fee changes.


For any of the following services, please contact me for payment details and indicate if you are paying independently or through your insurance.

Please remember the 48-hour threshold for payments. Thank you.


ONE-TO-ONE: in person or online live, duration 50 minutes

ONE-TO-ONE: encrypted email (not live) ►go to page, duration 60 minutes (therapist's response time)

COUPLE: in person or online live ►go to page, duration 50 minutes

COUPLE: encrypted email (not live) ►go to page, duration 120 minutes (therapist's response time)

SUPERVISION / CONSULTATION: in person or online or encrypted email ►go to page.




11.00am, 13.00pm, 15.00pm, 17.00pm - any day except Saturdays and Tuesdays.


Contact me for an appointment


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