Supervision / Consultation

  • Clinical support for counsellors, psychotherapists and supervisors
  • Support for professionals in complex roles and their managers


Supervision / consultation is a formal and mutually agreed relationship, designed to support you through your professional development and maintenance.

It is an opportunity for us to learn from each other and together provide a valuable service for your clients, supervisees, students, patients, employees or other people in your care.

If you'd like to know more about supervision, download pdf here.

STILL IN TRAINING, photo: kimberly farmer

If you are in training or new to an area of work

My responsibility is to help you grow in confidence and develop your own style of working, with increasing awareness of the ethical and safety issues that you will face when working with clients. To this end, much of our focus will be on your own personal and professional wellbeing as a learning practitioner or professional.


QUALIFIED, photo: maryam best

If you are fully qualified and experienced

I do not intend to teach you how to practise or do your job. I see our relationship as colleagues in different roles. My role is to assist you as you continue to serve and protect the people in your care. Supporting you to maintain your confidence and personal wellbeing is an ongoing component of the work.




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FEES48HRS, photo: adrianna-calvo

60 minute sessions

Payment is expected at least 48 hours in advance, by bank transfer (please ask for bank details), in cash or by Paypal (paying by Paypal includes the full fee plus £2.00 business charge).

Fees are subject to change. You will be notified at least two months in advance of any changes.

Please be aware of the 48-hour threshold. Thank you.


£60 one-to-one: live video (Zoom), in person, email

£30 per person, group of 2: live video (Zoom), in person

£25 per person, group of 3 or more: Live video (Zoom), in person

... I am almost 8 years post-qualification, and I feel that I can recognise quality supervisory support that is worth hanging on to...I really value the time we spend together each month, Maryam, and I have found this a welcome opportunity to tell you so.
Maryam... works at relational depth drawing on her vast range of experience ...  Her work shows deep insight and reflective practice ...She provides a safe and effective therapeutic working alliance for her...supervisees and I am privileged to work with her and alongside her.
Helen Foster, Counsellor and Supervisor