With heartfelt thanks to ex-clients who have freely shared a few words about the impact of therapy on their lives.

"Maryam is very calm, kind and respectful. She has a lovely way of listening -- patiently giving the client her full attention and all the time they need to think and speak. She then shows that she heard and respects what they said, before gently asking a follow-up question. Even distressing discussions become easier with Maryam's deep compassion and the sense of calm and safety that she creates. I might feel tired after our sessions but I always feel calm and even positive."


"...it really dawned on us as we left how much you helped us through some really tricky times and very subtly had a big presence in helping us."
"These sessions with you have helped me better understand myself and the way I think, which in turn helps me to communicate better. It’s made a huge difference. I’m much less reactive and anxious these days. I feel a lot happier.
Thank you so much ... for everything over the past six months or so. Working with you has been genuinely life altering and I’m so grateful for it. 
...I’m very happy for those words to be shared with others."
“I just wanted to let you know how much better I am feeling, and I know it is down to my consultations with you. Being able to talk about how I felt and then taking in all your comments and advice, has enabled me to move on.”
“Thank YOU… for all our sessions that have helped nurture, encouraged and reassure over the past year + ."
“I’m truly grateful for all that's happened and am so happy for the first time in such a long time! … I don't think I could have taken these steps if it hadn't have been for you!”
"We are an older couple, both in a second marriage, who have been together for fourteen years and had been going through a very difficult patch. We reached the point where we realised that we needed some outside help. We found Maryam and arranged to see her as a couple. We visited her weekly for around three months.
 Maryam has been wonderful. She provided a safe and calm place for us to express our worries and hurts. She was attentive and empathetic but also a very strong referee when things got difficult. She never judged and supported each of us equally. She has allowed us to focus on what is good and to develop strategies for dealing with our inevitable disagreements. This approach has been very productive.
 We reached a point where we all felt that enough had been done for us to go it alone but the certainty that Maryam is there if we need her is very reassuring.
 We wholeheartedly recommend Maryam to anyone who needs to talk to a very kind and empathetic, non-judgmental and wise person."
“Thank you so much for helping me, and providing me strategies to understand my internal toddler issues.”
“We have come on leaps and bounds and find that we both communicate and open up to each other after taking your advice.
I’d just like to say thank you so much for all your help…”