Email Counselling / Psychotherapy

You can use email as an alternative to, or as well as live sessions.

EMAIL THERAPY, photo: rakicevic nenad

Email Therapy is for you:

  • if you like to write;
  • if you like to express your thoughts in images;
  • if you like to think before you communicate;
  • if you like to write as your thoughts flow;
  • if you do not want to be present at regular appointments;
  • if you want to communicate on your own terms.



This is how it's done:

You can share images and/or write your thoughts down in approximately 500 to 1000 (max) words and send in one of two ways:

1- We can communicate through passworded email attachmentsI send you a blank encrypted Word document to work in; you communicate your thoughts in the document and send back to me confidentially.

2- We can communicate through a ProtonMail account: it is free to install and gives us end to end encryption. We exchange Protonmail addresses before we start.


I should receive your email no later than 48 hours before each appointment and will write back to you in the 60 minutes that we have set.

You can spend as long as you like on your script and/or images in-between appointments.

I take great care to keep our communication confidential. However, please bear in mind that absolute confidentiality cannot be guaranteed over the internet.


Contact me for an appointment

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