Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Where are you based and which country's legal system do you operate under?

I am based in Cornwall, United Kingdom and my work is governed under UK jurisdiction.


  • Can you legally work with clients outside of UK?

Yes I can work with clients residing in other countries. All the services I offer are governed by UK law. If you live in another country and want to work with a professional based in the UK, please check that your government and/or health insurance supports your interaction with UK therapists.


  • Do you offer in-person sessions?

Yes these are held at my consultation premises in Cornwall UK.


  • Do you offer online sessions?

Yes I offer live video, voice only and chat Zoom appointments. I also offer asynchronous email sessions.


  • Why am I required to pay for the initial consultation appointment?

This appointment is much more than a set of questions and answers; it has the same therapeutic value as any other therapy appointment.

But you can ask for a free 15 minute phone call on (+44)1326-331991 or a 15 minute Zoom chat / video / audio conversation. You can also ask questions by email.

Please leave any in-depth questions or comments for your full initial consultation appointment.


  • Does attending the initial consultation mean I have to commit to ongoing therapy?

No, it can be a single session for us to have an in-depth discussion about you and the way forward.


  • I feel my issues are not as big as some other people's. Am I wasting my time or your time focusing on them?

You matter in your own right and anything that you experience, think or feel matters too. Another person's life is not a measure of your worth and a deciding factor in whether or not to seek therapy.


  • What age-groups do you work with?

I work with everyone aged 18 and over.


  • What languages do you speak?

I am conversant in English and Farsi. 


  • How are appointments arranged?

Regular weekly appointments work best for most. They maintain the momentum with enough space between the sessions for processing the experience. But this pattern is not set in stone and we can agree a different schedule.


  • How many appointments are the norm, how long and how much?

The work is open-ended and the number of sessions depends on your pace and need.

Each live appointment (online or in person) is 50 minutes in length.

Each one-to-one encrypted email session has a 60 minute booking. This is my time to read, think and respond to your comments. Each couple counselling / psychotherapy email session has a 120 minute booking for me to respond to comments from both partners.

For fees please click here.


  • Can I use in-person and online (live Zoom sessions or email) sessions flexibly?

Yes, you could benefit from this flexibility if you are not always in the same place or cannot be available at the same time, or simply prefer a combination of contact styles. 


  • How long do I have for cancelling or rescheduling a booked session?

Please give at least 48 hours notice. Otherwise the session is considered 'taken by you' for which payment is required. Knowing that you will honour our payment agreement enables me to provide a sustainable service.

If you have decided to terminate the work, you are always welcome to resume at a later date.


  • How do I pay for appointments?

Sessions are payable by BACS* or in cash or by Paypal**.

Please make your payment as soon as you have agreed the appointment date, and no later than 48 hours before the appointment time.

*BACS payments are advisable if you have set up an account in the UK.
** Paypal charge a fee of around £2.50 for every payment which is payable by you. For example you pay £57.50 if attending for a live one-to-one session, and £67.50 if attending for a live couple therapy session.


  • What about continuity of service, if you (the therapist) were suddenly unable to continue with me?

If due to unforeseen circumstances I am unable to continue my commitment to you, I will notify you as soon as possible and discuss alternatives.

If I am unable to communicate with you, my clinical supervisor will have emergency confidential access to your contact details only. They will contact you and discuss alternatives.

STAY SAFE, photo: pexels-pixabay
  • Outside of our agreed sessions, are you available for social interaction or crisis help?

In order to uphold our carefully nurtured boundaries and the meaning of what we are doing together, I only interact with you outside of our agreed appointments for brief administrative matters or to acknowledge you discreetly in a public place (only if you have acknowledged me first).



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